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Go Big premium Tumblr theme is perfect for those who want to make a big impact. Control the header size, styling and parallax effect, and choose up to five images to load randomly each time for a truly bold first impression!

Theme Options

Go Big is set up to show off your individual style - you can customize almost everything you see via the theme options page, read more for a full list!

The Header

  • Add up to 5 images to be randomly loaded each time
  • Adjust percentage header height, default 100%
  • Parallax background effect or standard scroll
  • Choose an overlay color and opacity to help with readability
  • Upload your own logo or avatar, or use the default title

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Go even bigger!
- We’ve built in a special tag - double_size - that doubles the width of your post in the grid layout so it takes up two columns. Perfect for those extra-special posts!

Go Big supports all Tumblr audio post types!